Who: 29-year-old white female who is just smart enough to know that while she might know quite a lot, she doesn’t really know anything

What: attempting to find the courage to be

Where: Rocktown or The Friendly City or 38N 24′ 38.01″ and 78W 50′ 55.96″ (otherwise known as Harrisonburg, Virginia)

When: in the moment

Why: because life is a terrible thing to waste

How: with a lot of help from my friends and the gentle guidance of the Universe

Things I like (or think I like, or might like one day, or just generally find interesting): running, yoga, writing, reading, procrastinating, Volvos, Malbec, Mizuos, tofu, neuroscience, strong coffee, babies, Alexian Brothers, being outside, winter clothes, autumn leaves, The Washington Post, Chicago, hot baths, pragmatism, a good night’s sleep

Things to which I am philosophically opposed: TV, fast food, eating animals, the use of physical violence, people or things that are not intellectually consistent, the war on drugs and the resulting criminalization of addiction, organized religion


2 responses to “About

  1. maria

    Dear Anna,

    The digital world is a funny thing–and I’m not really a blog reader. I started seeing photos of you and posts on your wall via Kristine and Jer, and I think I may have been at one of John’s yoga classes with you the week before the Christmas holiday when i was in Virginia over break. Out of curiosity, I went to your facebook page and clicked on your website–and wound up, here.

    I admire your courage and your honesty and your mix of humorous and satiric with weighty blog posts about the things you are struggling with. I’ll leave it at that for now–mainly I just wanted to thank you for a touch of “real” in my morning, this morning.

    Maria Bowman

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