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Wave Alchemy 10 (or, an orgasm for my feet)

Today’s present to myself:

Because I’m afraid that some of the males in my life might be about to out-run me. And it’s much more fun when the boys can’t keep up ūüėČ

Besides, if I’m going to spend that much money on myself it is MUCH more practical to do so on an entire pair of running shoes I’ll use almost every day, rather than to buy half of this dress from BR…

I mean, if¬† I don’t have an event to wear the whole thing to, I’ll probably never find an event appropriate to wear half¬†of it. And which half would I choose?…. The Mizunos¬†were definitely the more practical choice. Hands down.


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December 25th

The day started of in blessed silence. I say that not because I attribute any religious significance to the day (I don’t) but because I didn’t have to set my alarm clock. I worked until 3pm on the 24th and then spent the rest of the afternoon running around town frantically trying to find a store that not¬† only sold snow shovels but that was still open to sell me one – believe me, that was a much more involved undertaking than I thought possible. After that I met my Commanding Officer and her adorable boyfriend at Downtown Wine and Gourmet for a wine tasting. We went from there to the Dodger and enjoyed hot apple cider and bourbon. I was home and in bed before 10pm and before I fell asleep¬† realized I DID NOT HAVE TO SET MY ALARM CLOCK. That was a somewhat unsettling realization because I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t been woken by an alarm.

Even sans alarm I was up and functioning by 8:15 the morning of December 25th. I’m cat sitting for my Good Friend, so I decided to enjoy the lack of any commitments for the day and walked to his house. I stepped outside and was greeted by a fresh half-inch or so of snow. The walk was quiet and gave me time to reflect on Christmas in the United States – thoughts I may or may not share on this blog at a later date, if I’m ever brave enough.

I got home and tackled the kitchen. My kitchen had been a disaster for so long it was becoming a source of massive anxiety, but I’ve been too busy to give it any time or attention. I tore all the appliances off the counters and washed them and the counters, scrubbed the dish drainer and mat, sorted the recycling (previously I couldn’t even sit at the kitchen table without cardboard recycling jabbing me in the back!), dealt with the compost, cleaned off the top of the refrigerator, and basically just made the kitchen a place I can enter without immediately wanting to run screaming from the clutter. It felt¬†great to be so productive and if I hadn’t been forced to take a break on December 25th because everyone else in American was, I’m not sure when I would have gotten around to it.

The afternoon I spent warm and cozy in bed reading and napping which felt simultaneously radically indulgent and blissfully peaceful.

In an attempt to not be totally socially isolative, I went out to¬† the Dodger around 6 and stayed until sometime after midnight. It was a replay of warm apple cider and bourbon (which, by the way, looks much prettier in a red mug than black mug). Some of the details of hazy, thanks to the warm apple cider and bourbon, but I do remember it being one of¬† the most enjoyable nights I’ve had in a long time. Good conversation that was at times totally hilarious and irreverent and at others serious and thought provoking. The night concluded with some amature¬†applications of evolutionary psychology: people watching at a bar is always entertaining and was made even more so by a drinking companion who is particularly¬†observant and astute.

The point of my review of December 25th? I get to decide the significance I give any day or event. Just because¬† the majority of Americans do something does not, in any way shape or form, mean that I have to do it as well. My friends aren’t going to press me to do something that makes me uncomfortable and some of them will even join me in doing my own thing.

Now, for New Years… what really appeals to me is a bottle of wine, a bath, and reading my amazing new book, “Networks of the Brain” by Sporns. That may sound totally lame to some (I actually know it does), but the alternative – a traditional New Year’s Eve party with lots of people and social interaction – kinda freaks me out. Doing my own thing for December 25th worked so well and felt so good for me that I’m going to do it again next week, no matter how much people might want me to do something else. Perhaps I am coming into my own.

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What the semester taught me (about myself)

In no particular order…

1. I’m not always wrong.

2. I put up with way too much crap from way too many people.

3. Ensure Plus works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a pinch.

4. I really really really really miss having a bathtub.

5. It doesn’t have to take me 2 hours in the morning to get ready to go if it doesn’t have to.

6. I have amazing friends who love and support me.

7. I have something to say, an important story to tell, and for some reason people want to hear it.

8. I’m potentially not as social awkward as I think I am.

9. Not everything has to be, or will be, perfect all the time.

10. I drink too much coffee and not enough alcohol.

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The semester, that is.

And what a semester it was.

Quick recap of some of the more significant events: moved into the Tiny White House with Shocking Aquamarine Trim;¬† I tackled neuro¬†and cancer genetics; Raggedy¬†Ann II melted in Charlottesville; flames shot out of the furnace at Shocking Aqua; I had a birthday; interpersonal relationships (of all shapes and shades) changed; I became (somewhat) less wackadoo¬†about¬† food; I became JMU’s newest instructor (beginning Fall 2011); and I got an amazing new job.

This was the most successful semester I have ever had. Ever. Not just because I proved that I’m capable of doing graduate level work well, but because I did so while (for the most part) keeping the rest of my life together. I’m at an acceptable weight and I’m maintaining it without using ED behaviors. I became financially self-supporting. I met new people, made new friends, maintained strong friendships, and¬†let go of relationships that weren’t healthy.

Many things happened over the last 16 weeks that I didn’t handle with the grace and finesse I would have liked. Most of those these things had to do with my relationships with others, and given my general unease with people this didn’t really surprise me. I’m certainly not saying that the semester was nothing but successful, but it certainly was the best I’ve ever had. And it felt pretty darn good.

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Weapons of science

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We’re not at all cynical. Really.

Me: Did you know that all esophageal adenocarcinoma cells lose expression of the Y chromosome? All of them. 100%. No one knows why, but they do.

Vikings fan: Why ever it happens, I’m sure there is a beautiful intelligently designed reason for it.

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Of course she did!

Not only did my amazing housemate and dear friend know that such a thing as a two-pronged to three-pronged electrical plug converter thingamajig actually exists in the known universe, she magically produced a spare one I could borrow. Crisis averted!

(And yet more¬† proof that I couldn’t survive without her. Or it would at least be very very difficult. Though I would get more sleep and warmer in the mornings!)

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